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About us


The HSCO Company is a start-up company providing Hydrogen-Sulfide Safety-Services with competent engineers play a fundamental role in providing customized onsite safety solutions for both Offshore and Onshore operations. Moreover, the company started newly in the Oil-Gas industry but the foundation is based on the experience of experts whose expertise came from a long line of training.
hsco service engineers have experience of installation, maintenance provides safety solutions for offshore />Onshore drilling and well servicing activities, Integrated-Risk management services, Safety-Technician service and Construction projects safety services. HSCO is at the forefront of industrial safety equipment technology that includes Breathing-Air and Gas-Detection systems, along with innovative safety services for customers with multi-disciplined contract workforces. Leveraging on our experience and expertise, HSCO has been pushing the envelope to harness innovation and technology to enhance our capability and capacity to provide the best H2S-Safety-Equipment. We are constantly working to provide more cost-effective, efficient, and highest quality H2S and Safety solutions to our clients. Our ability to offer continually services, which win our customer’s confidence, is the golden key for us to remain as a preferred service provider to the Oil-Gas industry. Hence, the commitment to this policy is essential to add value for all our stakeholders.